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If you can think it, we can build it! 

Welcome to Kristo Designs, LLC. We are a full service design company based in Washington, DC. Our team specializes in website design, customer database application design, iOS, Android, PWA App building, and technology consulting. We are ready to take your business, organization, or club to the next level and make a statement on the web. Start the process by clicking the button below. Let's get this rolling! 

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Why choose KD?

We are company looking to help you make a statement on the web. We are here to help you bring your ideas, data, e-commerce or online store and much more to the hands and devices of your customers for a fraction of the cost of other development companies. Website builders are cheap and limited on features, but the keyword to this sentence is "Cheap". Hiring KD gives you peace of mind and a professional developer handling everything for you. What's everything you ask? That's purchasing the domain, server access, email, SSL, and the list goes on and on. KD provides a full line of services and products for your business. We handle all the behind the scenes work and all you do is provide the content and requirements, we take care of the rest! 

Offering a wide range of IT Services

Contact Us to discuss your requirements. 
Website Design

Custom mobile ready websites to industry standards.

Custom Data Driven Applications 

We can create a SQL database web app to collect any data you need to drive your business. 

IT Consulting

Need technology advice for your business to move it forward? We got you covered. 

Our Step by Step Website Process

From the start of our partnership, KD wants you to be in the know because you are part of the team. If you have questions at any step, just ask us!

Step 1

Pre-Design Meeting    

You will meet with our design team to discuss your needs for your site. Discuss the goals you wish to accomplish, how you want to reach your customers, and your budget. KD will prepare an easy to understand proposal based off the pre-design meeting. Our promise to you is simplicity -- no tricks, no gimmicks, no hassle, PERIOD. 

Step 2


Once the pre-designs meeting is complete and you agree to the proposal, the KD development team will get right to work and will keep you in the loop through the whole process with our interactive project management tool. You will see the progress, the tasks we are working on, and site mock-ups and drafts throughout the process. I mean, it's your product so why not be kept in the loop, right? Once the initial development is complete, site testing is up next. 

Step 3

Site Testing

At this step, we have moved to customer testing. What that means is you will have the opportunity to see your site live on the web before anyone else does to make sure it is what you asked KD to build for you. Once you are satisfied with the product build, we are ready to move to the next step. We are getting closer to the launching your new site or product!

Step 4

Pre-Deployment Work

At this step, KD is doing all the magic on the other side of the curtain. This includes; setting up the server and hosting platform, possibly setting up email accounts if you choose to add them, setting up SSL certificates, registering your Domain, and most importantly doing a final scrub of the site to make sure it is World Wide Web ready. Once we get this done it's ready to launch! 

Step 5

Site Launch

The day you have been waiting for, product launch day, we made it! KD will publish your product to the server and it will be ready for the world to view! What an accomplishment, you now have a professional product and you didn't have to write a single line of code, or drag and drop anything, you just thought it and KD built your masterpiece. 

Step 6

Post Site Maintenance

The most important part of the process is post launch maintenance. Guess what? Remember that partnership we started? KD is still here for you. KD provides a Post Site Maintenance (PSM) program for every customer. Why is this important or do you really need this you are asking yourself, and the answer is YES. Updates will come, and issues will occur, why, because it's technology that's why. With a PSM agreement, KD will continue to monitor your site, provide needed server updates, backups, maintenance and much more. 

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